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Buffalo Hides: Picture The Scenarios For Your Cabin Decor

Yellowstone Buffalo - not the source of my buffalo hides
Yellowstone Buffalo (not the source of my buffalo hides)
A cozy warm buffalo hide to curl up in.
A child comfortable, secure, warm and asleep, wrapped in a buffalo blanket.
Friends or lovers on a buffalo rug enjoying the warmth of a crackling fire.
A cold, snow winter's day, perfect to cuddle in the cozy comfort of your soft buffalo hide on your easy chair or sofa with your favorite book, movie or companion.
The majestic, wondrous setting of Montana and the old west goes hand-in-hand with the traditional, nature-enhanced style of cabin decor provided by buffalo hides.



Nine ways to add warmth, personal decor and style through innovative use of bison hides in your  home or office, including:

1. Rugs
2. Blankets
3. Comforters
4. Accent Pieces
5. Wall hangings
6. Furniture Throws
7. Upholstery
8. Over a Stair Rail
9. In a loft


Natural Hair Gives Warmth and Color

Recapture the traditions of the lifestyle of our ancestors while starting a family tradition of your own.

As Rugs: By the fireplace, under a glass topped table, or by your bed or bath.
As Blankets, Comforters, Bed Spreads: Warm for winter nights.
As Furniture Covers: Great to throw over that old comfy recliner you hate to part with, or as added protection or style for a new sofa.
As Wall Hangings: Natural colors and markings make each buffalo a unique work of art hung from high ceilings or recreation room walls.
Over Loft and Stair Rails: A touch of color and warmth.
Cozy Rugs for a Special Pet: Pets love to cuddle in the long, plush hair of a buffalo.

Great Conversation Pieces

Find your favorite part of the hide. Perhaps it is a color marking, or an orange tone, or a tuft hair.
Talk about the softness. People unfamiliar with the buffalo will be surprised at how it feels running their fingers through it.
The legacy. Talk about the importance of the buffalo to the American experience.

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