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Fly Fishing Gloves


Fly fishing gloves
Fly Fishing Gloves made from Bison fiber

West Yellowstone, Montana: Do you have a way to keep your hands dry and warm while fly-fishing the world-famous Madison River in Yellowstone?

Here's a tip, derived from one of Yellowstone's most famous natural residents (other than our cutthroat trout): the American Bison.

Buffalo In The Snow
Icicles hanging from a Yellowstone Bison. He's still warm - are you?

Bison survive extreme temperature fluctuations, rain, and lots of snow. A key part of why they can do this is their hair.You can now use this Bison fiber to keep your hands warm with fingerless or full-fingered gloves from Yellowstone Traders.

The gloves are 90% American Bison fiber and retain all of the insulating properties that protect the animals in the wild.

Here's an experiment: put on one of these gloves and dip your hand in a cold mountain stream. With something like cotton, your hands would be soggy and cold. But Bison fiber is different. The fibers wick away moisture - even better than wool - and so the wetness isn't against your skin. Now take off the gloves, wring them out, and put them back on. They'll finish drying soon enough, and you can keep on fishing the entire time.

But this isn't the only advantage!

The gloves, especially the fingerless version, are extremely light and WILL NOT INTERFERE with your fishing. I took mine ice fishing all winter, and even cleaned fish on-location while wearing them. When I got home I threw them into the washer and they were as good as new.

One more thing: $Have you ever heard of a dainty buffalo? Nope. These gloves are tough, and the workmanship is such that I've never had a problem with them snagging (the fibers are tightly knitted together).

The price? $49.

Try them out! Pick out the size and style you want and I will ship it to you immediately.

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Catching Trout with Fingerless Gloves
I caught and then cleaned this Brown Trout while casting into icy Hebgen Lake and wearing my fingerless gloves. After I got home I put the gloves in the washer and they were as good as new.