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Fingerless photography gloves

For centuries the plains buffalo were used by Native Americans for food and shelter.

Yellowstone Photography Gloves

These peoples were well aware of the insulating properties of buffalo hair and sought out hides taken from winter buffalo when the coats were thick and full.

In recent years, European/modern society emphasized cotton and sythnetics as the fiber of choice and the superior properties of the buffalo fell from popular knowledge.

 But now you can rediscover this ancient American knowledge and learn for yourself why the bison was so treasured.

Of course, gloves don't make a photographer. But you know how helpful it is to be warm and dry when exploring the natural landscapes.

Did you know that buffalo is more insulating than wool? Modern scientists have compared the moisture regain rate and found it superior. Moisture regain measures the "wicking" ability, meaning the ability to keep moisture away from your skin.

Did you know how soft buffalo fiber is? Wool is a barbed fiber, but buffalo is smooth and soft, with millions of natural crimps creating tiny air pockets to hold warmth.

The gloves are made-in-America and come in full-fingered, fingerless, mittens and a photographer's combination of one full-fingered and one fingerless (option available on each page).


Get them wet, they dry quickly. Cold out? You'll keep just keep on shooting. Worried about lint? No problem.
Order a pair today. If you don't like them, just send them back and any money you have paid will be returned at once.


But now you can rediscover this ancient American knowledge and learn for yourself why the bison was so treasured.

Buffalo Fiber Gloves1) Full-finger gloves
2) Fingerless gloves
3) One fingerless, one full-finger. This option is available on both of the above pages. 



Here's a video of me discussing these gloves while at Beaver Creek (just outside of West Yellowstone, Montana).


Read my blog for photography and travel tips for Yellowstone National Parks (most shots taken while wearing buffalo fiber gloves).

NEW! While ice fishing, I had to take extreme measures to retain a fish that broke off the line. No time to take off the gloves ...